Sloan Monument Works

When a loved one passes away, you want to make a lasting tribute to someone you will never forget. That’s something we never forget at Sloan Monument Works in Cameron, Missouri. It’s why we create timeless, classically-styled monuments, carefully designed to honor the memory of those you love. It’s why we remain committed to a tradition of craftsmanship that began more than 125 years ago and continues as we face the centuries to come. 

Sloan Monument Works is the oldest business in Cameron, Missouri. It was started in 1872 by a dedicated young marble craftsman named W.G. Sloan. (For more about this company’s fascinating past, click on “About Us.”) After a rich history of serving this community, the company was purchased in 1988 by Kent and Kurt Thompson. It was a natural extension of the services provided by the primary Thompson family business, Poland-Thompson Funeral Home.   

Sloan Monument Works features both an indoor and outdoor showroom. Here, you can review a wide variety of monument styles and colors, including many affordable choices. With the help of the latest computer technology, you can preview different designs for you or a loved one, and choose one that is truly special, unique and personalized. Feel free to contact us for more information at 816-632-2473 or toll free at 1-877-280-0583. We welcome your comments and your questions about anything of importance to you. At Sloan Monument Works, we’re dedicated to helping you pay tribute to those you love most.
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